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Young And Ambitious Entrepreneur Pt.1

Young And Ambitious Entrepreneur

I like to try to encourage others to consider being entrepreneur’s and some get it while other’ s don’t and some desire it and other’s don’t, that’s cool…

I often wonder where did I get my desire to be an entrepreneur?

This post is a little personal so bare with me please.

Young Entrepreneur Counting Money

Let me go back a few centuries, Yes I was there with good Ole Abe. Okay, sorry Abe fans.

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An Overnight Succe$$ Oh Really?

An Overnight Succe$$ Oh Really?

If you’ve been hanging around the Internet Marketing space for any length of time you’ve more then likely come across the typical overhyped income earnings claim of some of the “GURU” types exaggerating about making x gazillions of dollars overnight while they slept, thus they claim to be an “overnight succe$$.”

So, you innocently might ask, is overnight success really possible? Well I believe it is, sorta kinda.

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What Drives Entrepreneurs?

In 2012 I recieved an interesting email from one of my online mentors, Paul Evans of Nicheology, where he was sharing an article written by Inc. Magazine about Entrepreneur’s.

I found it to be a very apropos for the tagline of my blog here and thought I’d share the post with you my readers.

What Drives Entrepreneurs?

Lemonade Stand Cartoon

Let me prefix this saying, I left out the beginning of Paul’s email, because he sent it to those on his list, but in essence he was relating how being an entrepreneur allowed him the benefit of spending quality time off with friends and family doing spring break. And how that privilege aligned so well with the article INC magazine wrote.

Paul: INC Magazines article “What Drives Entrepreneurs” revealed different motivations between founders and non-entrepreneur…

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The Government Shut down Cost The Economy $$$

The Government Shutdown Cost The Economy $$$ 

It really saddens me to write this post but back in October 2013 the US Government shut down business for 16 days costing, some economist say, a loss of $24 billion out of the U.S. economy, man talk about working ass back wards. I wonder if it was worth it?

Here we are needing to find ways to grow the economy and these fools shut down the government… I think some of us us citizen’s can do a better job at running the government then these joker’s in office now, hell we probably can’t do any worse, LOL.

I have all but lost faith in the whole band of thieves in the U.S. Government and I’ve voted both sides the isle at one time or another, anymore I ‘m like what’s the use? I’ll commit to praying for them cause they need it, but vote???? I love my Country but our leaders need to do a better job at working together. 

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Procrastination The Killer Of Dreams

Procrastination Word Image

I have a confession to make. I am one of the biggest procrastinator’s of all time… When I was in school I would always, as I remember, wait until the very last hour/minute to crash for test, just seemed like I retained more that way, cause most times I would get a decent and passing grade, sometimes I would even get an A.

Unfortunately in life procrastination can cause you to lose out big time.

In the world of business you have got to act fast or as my mentor would say, Take Action” massive action.

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The Face Of Destruction

The Face Of Destruction.

Below is the face of the potential of the uprooting of a Nation or Nations and the total destruction of people’s lives… NO it’s not what you might think it is.


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